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Making Shaving Fun Again

For most men, shaving with a safety razor is a chore; one they would happily do without if growing a never-ending beard were both comfortable and work-appropriate. What if you could make shaving enjoyable, though? You would look forward to the shaving ritual every morning, which would be a nice alternative to dreading it at the start of every day. Change your mindset about shaving with a safety razor and shaving brush to get through this necessary part of your day a little bit happier.

Make Time for It

A lot of men rush through shaving as the last step of their getting ready process before work, which can leave less than optimal, results. Instead, set aside some extra time to shave with a safety razor. You’ll save yourself those nicks and you’ll get some early morning time for yourself while you’re at it. Slow down and use the right shaving technique, complete with a safety razor and shaving brush, to get a great, close shave. Give yourself about 15 minutes without interruption to shave and think about the day ahead, listen to music or catch up on your favorite podcast. If you can’t find the extra time in the morning, consider shaving at night instead. You can even add a glass of scotch to the shaving ritual since you won’t be heading off to work in the evening.

Shave the Old School Way

Shaving the right way is a lost art, one that your grandfather enjoyed every day but that you’re probably unfamiliar with. When you learn how to do a traditional wet shave with a safety razor, you’ll realize how much better it is than using those cheap, disposable razors that are so popular. Need more of a push to switch up your shaving routine? Men like John F. Kennedy shaved the old fashioned way and he was very popular with the ladies. Enough said.

Pick up a safety razor and shaving brush instead of a straight razor to get that old school experience without injuring yourself. Modern razors are designed to help you shave quickly without irritating your skin, but a quality safety razor will get you a closer shave even if your skin is sensitive. The key is to slow down instead of rushing through the process. Also, you don’t need to apply pressure – the weight of the safety razor will apply all the pressure you need.

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